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Tape No​.​2

by torture love

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released August 21, 2013



all rights reserved


torture love Chicago, Illinois

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I'm watching you choke
Yeah, I'm watching you die
I'm watching you become everything that I despise

I'm watching you burn
From the inside out
I want to forget your fucking name, and everything that you're about

But I'll always remember your body dismembered
We were in love

To see the look in his eyes
The jealousy in his heart
Oh, well I ruined everything, and I hope I tore his life apart

Do you think he can hear
You calling out his name
With both hands around your throat slowly taking your life away

I know he'll always remember your body dismembered
Oh, he's so in love.
Track Name: The Death
It's only death she truly fears
One step behind.It's always near
So take my hand, I'll drag you down
Under the water until you drown

So I'm hoping for the death of every love you find new
So I'm hoping for the death of everything that surrounds you

No you never will
But I will...

It's in the dark that I find my fears
We're losing light. It's always near
It was never meant to be like this
You fell in love, and I slit my wrists

Kill or be killed
Track Name: With Only Me
Not just the one I wanted
You became the one I need
I made you flowers from my flesh
I licked your wounded knees

Will you love me when I'm down?
(I want you down)
Will you love me when I'm dead?
(I want you dead)
Will you love me when I piss the bed?
(I want you in my bed)
Be obsessed with only me

I could not break the spell
You could not break my fall
Weighed down by indecision
All of my lies broke my jaw

Obsessed with only me...haha
Track Name: IN HER ARMS
She's staring out into the stars
With someone dead in her arms
She took my hand
She took my heart
She took my life...

No light shines to follow
Your heartbeat is hollow
Your breathing is shallow
I'm living in denial

I'm staring out into the stars
With someone dead in my arms
I took her hand
I took her heart
I took her life in the dark

Sell me
In the dark
I took her life
Track Name: Followed You Home
I love to be oppressed
It makes me feel alive
When I have something to fight

Wrap your chains around my heart
I'll be your whore
I'll be adored

I wear my soul on my face
I'm so easy to control
Just a human animal

The blade that I licked clean
Is the blade I shoved inside
It was my blood on that knife
Track Name: Out Of My Mind
And so I had to walk the path I felt was forced beneath my feet
There's no light at the end of the tunnel, and I wish I could retreat

So I said goodbye, but I didn't know why
Well I got used to it, but I couldn't get over it
Stared at the pictures, but I didn't know why
I couldn't figure it out
I couldn't get it out of my mind.